Afternoon walk

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We have been sitting on our bottoms for more than a couple of months now, not exactly proud of it but it is what it is. There are bad days (which in actuality are kind of good, lol) when we would just drown under the folds of our uneventful day with TV series marathons and 2-hour naps but there are also good (active!) days when we would do chores, run errands, and go on walks around our little city. 

I admit, I've never been one who submits herself to torture—I mean exercise—so Phillip had to do some major convincing. He lovingly turned our afternoon walks into photowalks during sunset.

I have always been a bokeh girl since Flickr days (6-ish years ago?!) so it's nice I get to use his 1.4 nifty-fifty this time—I just had to trade my Canon for his Pentax. What a horror, haha, kidding—half kidding.

I  felt I had wonky upper limbs, yes, but I missed having a dlsr in my hand. There's comfort in knowing this kind of feeling can exist again.

Begin again

Monday, February 02, 2015

Not meaning to sound like a Taylor Swift record but this really is me starting all over again. I have never stopped taking pictures but I have deferred talking to myself again through blog posts. I also haven't written something in a long time. That's only partially true I guess, if one considers Facebook Status posts to be some kind of legit writing material. What I mean to really say, on top of it all, is that I want to start creating something again—something more than just a bunch of squares, anything more than 140 characters.

The past 2 years have been a whirl. In the in betweens, I have taken pictures with my film cameras, with my instant camera, with my smartphone and I have been sort of ok with them—only realizing now that I don't think I have paused long enough to actually personally appreciate them. After all, they were all personal, and as Chuck Palahniuk would say, everything is a self-portrait. Yes, I clicked the shutter. Yes, I maybe liked how some of them turned out. But it is only now—now that I have the luxury of time—that I realize that they really do have a story, they were moments, and I should be able to tell.

I took these pictures on New Year's Day: raindrops on our little porch, my mother's blooms after the rain—debating with myself if I wanted to start a Project 365. It might have taken a month to look at them again but they're here, and I guess it's a start.

WTA | Beginning

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We're (kind of) back! Write up to follow!