While we wait

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Denford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
June 2011

I can almost smell winter

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aspen, Colorado
February 2011

To create is to destroy

I bought a Wreck This Journal journal the last time I was in London. I know it's supposed to (to a degree) calm you down and to set yourself a little bit loose (as it is aptly dedicated to perfectionists all over the world and all) but the OC in me doesn't seem to get it yet. Heh.

WTA#35 | Hair

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I've had a problem with my hair since I can remember--there's just always something wrong with it. It's not just bad hair day; more like bad hair childhood. Heh. But at least lately, it knows who's boss.

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WTA#34 | Breakfast

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First post in a new blogging platform, hello!

Anyway, I am 6 days over due. It always happens like this when I suggest a theme, not only I suck at it but I post late. :p Took this just minutes ago. It's my day-off which means I get to eat as much junk food as I can for breakfast, catch up on my TV series, and lounge in bed all day.

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Piazza San Marco

Friday, October 14, 2011

Venice, Italy
June 2011

WTA#33 | Square/s

Somebody needs to clean her room.

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WTA#32 | Eye/s

Fake hipster is fake. Heh. Also, ugh, I dislike hate taking self-portraits.

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Italy is as beautiful

The drive from Brescia to Milano is like an hour long. I am not one to complain when the view from where I was sitting was breathtakingly made up of such beautiful vineyards and mountains. Italy is as beautiful as you would think it would be. :)

WTA#31 | Cars

I remember my 3rd grade teacher talking to a room full of 8-year-olds (me included) about how reading in a moving vehicle isn’t good for your eyes. Guess who never learned. :p

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WTA#30 | Weather

I’m sorry for the verrrry late upload, I’ve been travelling. This photo was taken on the way (from London) to Denford. If there’s one thing I know about London weather (as I’ve learned from locals) is that You’ll Never Know; forecast might say it’s sunny but when you step out of your house it’ll start to drizzle. :)

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WTA#29 | Path/s

I’m in Italy for the second time this year. We’ve been here for almost a week already; that’s almost a week of no rice (except for a couple of nights we had chinese take-aways) and almost a week of pasta. Ugh, you can take the girl from the island but you can’t take the island from the girl, yo.

We had lunch at this restaurant (whose name I can’t pronounce) a couple of days ago. But I remember it was in Garda, fronting the Lago Di Garda (pictured above). The view was priceless but I’d still choose Liempo over that €40 steak any time. :p

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WTA#28 | Peace and Tranquility

Cliché picture is cliché.

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WTA#27 | I love…

…a good book at my left hand and a warm cup of tea on the other, especially on lazy days like today. :)
Key word: lazy. :p

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WTA#25 | Silver

Keep Calm And Dream~ :D

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WTA#25 | Hand/s

LOL at my fingers. Also, last minute effort! Super late! Sarreh.

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WTA#24 | Light Painting

Lumos! This obviously looked better inside of my head LOL. Next time I’ll be careful in suggesting themes. Also, I’m 6 days late! :p

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WTA#23 | Dark

LOL this is meh.

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EDIT: New classmate! :) View Aldous’ Dark, here.

WTA#22 | Oras


(I’m running out of creative juice, k.)

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WTA#21 | Bedtime

Ahem. It looks like somebody actually slept here but no. Naps maybe. I’ve actually posted a couple of beds here before LOL, but I’m in Spain (been for the past week already) so here’s a picture of my bed here.

Heh. I’m tired and I’m babbling and I’m quite ready to sleep if I do say so myself sooooo, happy Sunday and beunas noches! :)

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WTA#20 | Chill

Gelato! Can’t be at Italy and not have Gelato! :)

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WTA#19 | Trees

We’re one day late, my fault, again. :p Got stuck at the countryside this weekend without my camera-laptop connector thingy, sarreh. :p

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WTA#18 | Contrast

noun /ˈkänˌtrast/
The action of calling attention to notable differences; A thing or person having qualities noticeably different from another.

I think that terminals, airports, metros and subways are places where  you can see the contrast in each and everyone as how they are also alike. The diversity of the human kind summarized.

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WTA#17 | People

Was supposed to be in London yesterday but our flight was postponed and I’m too lazeh to go out today. So no pikchers of real people ugh only toy ones.

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WTA#16 | Journey

Because I’m a sentimental sap, I keep boarding passes and bus tickets of the trips we had together. :p

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“And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
— T.S. Eliot

WTA#15 | Refraction

Say hi to my books! AKA books I buy that I don’t have time to (re)read. Heh.

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WTA#14 | Reflection

My room doesn’t have much of a view. The sunset is awesome from here though, but I almost always miss it.

Ugh, this photo. Awkward framing is awkward. But I guess that’s one of the purpose of this project, to be conscious photography-wise. I have so much to learn.

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WTA#13 | Shoes

First and foremost, welcome Kuya/Sir/Cute Deng to the project. We’re glad to have another pair of eyes looking at the same theme with us every week! The more the merrier! :D

Anyway, ugh, shot 30 minutes ago. We’ve been lazy but I’m sure the newest addition to the project will keep us motivated. :p

If you can tell a lot about a person with the shoes they wear, mine would prolly have the words: lazy, non-girly girl and laid-back in it.

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WTA#12 | Diptych

This takes me back to my Flickr days. :D Such a wreck this morning, this is obviously rushed, again. :P Say hi to my remote! Lol

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WTA#11 | Green

I keep a tiny plant in my room. Unlike me, all it needs are water and a little sunshine. I, on the other hand…

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WTA#10 | Red

There were delays but this is 10th week, 10th theme! We’re not that lazy after all. :) Just disregard the fact that I took this just yesterday in the comfort of my own room - again. :P
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WTA#9 | Panoramic Shot

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WTA#8 | Film Grain

I took this last Sunday, so I can say I pretty much chilled the whole week and crammed on post processing this today (since Phillip said he was ready). :P

Kind of excited for this week because I’ve discovered lately that I seem to love having some noise on my pictures. I’m being careful not to overdo it though. :D

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WTA#7 | Current City

Nothing says London more like double decker buses, Vespa scooters and pretty rooftops.

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WTA#6 | Shadows

Taken while crossing Hollywood Boulevard. I don’t really know what I did right here. TROLOLOL But there are shadows though! JSYK, not having a photo for the week is like losing a bet - it has its consequences and I’m just glad that I’m cleared for the weeeeeeeeek.

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Where the magic doesn't happen

I’ve been sleeping into different hotel beds for the past (almost) 4 weeks. I am told that I am lucky to have a job that takes me to different places but sometimes, in quiet times, I still feel like there’s nowhere I’d rather be than 1) home and 2) in his arms.

It’s been such a busy week, alternating packing and unpacking and getting on and off airplanes. Work is fucking work and it doesn’t help that I miss everyone.

The Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado
February 2011

WTA#5 | Song Title: Seasons, Franco :):P

This is by far the easiest and my most favorite theme! I could do this every week. :)

Ugh, next theme would be the death of me: Shadows~

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WTA#4 | Two Colors

Ugh. So I had the whole week to take this week’s photo but (as usual) I’ve been hella busy with work and with sleep thus the crappy outcome. :p Also, this was taken with my iPhone cause we’re actually leaving for Aspen tomorrow and unknowingly the wire needed to connect my camera to my laptop is already on its way there - our luggages left early. :|

I’m not sure if I played this week’s theme very well, as obviously you can see more than 2 colors LOLOLOL.

Anyway, any of you interested to join us, is very much welcome. Leave a message, comment, you get the drift. :)

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WTA#3 | Circles

Another lazy week - took this shot more or less than 30 minutes ago. :p Also, after 2 weeks of BWs, I think it’s about time we try colored. :p

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WTA#2 | Lines

Let me just say I dislike this week. I’ve been in London this past 3 days and this city is overflowing with what could have been photographed for this week’s theme but alas! I don’t have THE time.
Anyway, at least I tried. :p This is what you’ll see when you’re outside looking up at the Imperial College of London building.

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WTA#1 | Negative Space

Phillip and I decided to have a weekly themed assignment. I figure I can learn from him and the various types of style there is to explore, photography-wise.

This week’s theme is negative space and this is how I see it. Ugly feet is ugleh. :p

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