54 things to do before turning 45

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the spirit of 11-11-11 (make a wish, etcetera, etcetera), I have decided to gather and put into a list the things I would like to accomplish hopefully in the near future a.k.a. before I turn 45. Some of these I have done already – bookmarked and tucked into a corner in my mind or hard drive; revisited once in a while to remind myself how by some stroke of good luck, I was able to do what I have always wanted to.

For better documentation, I will try to do a blog post for each of the ones I have already crossed out.

*54 things to do before turning 45:
1. Photograph the Eiffel Tower in black and white
2. Eat Spaghetti in Italy 
3. See Jack Johnson en concert
4. Go on a road trip
5. Cook an entire meal from scratch
6. Photowalk with him around our hometown
7. Be a volunteer for a charitable institution
8. Own a film camera and shoot in film
9. Drink Butterbeer in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
10. Go to New York
11. Write on a journal from cover to cover
12. See him and his band play
13. Build my parents a new house
14. Sun flare kiss
15. See snow fall
16. Mail a secret to PostSecret
17. Attend a photography workshop
18. Get a tattoo
19. See the Great Pyramid of Giza
20. Light and release a sky lantern
21. Back pack across more than a couple of countries in Asia
22. Watch all 6 Star Wars feature films
23. Set foot on Abbey Road
24. Buy a domain name
25. See Big and Little Ben
26. Live in another country for more than a year
27. See the sun rise in Ankor Wat
28. Explore Batanes
29. Go on a train ride in India
30. Learn to play a musical instrument
31. Make him breakfast in bed
32. Own a pair of black heels and actually use them
33. Own a pug
34. Skydive
35. Reach my goal weight
36. Learn to drive a car
37. Complete a 52-week long Analogue Sunday
38. Spend the night in a tent
39. Swim in an open water
40. Attend a grand alumni reunion
41. Spend one whole day at the park, cellphone-less
42. Climb a mountain
43. Shoot star trails
44. Solve a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
45. Make someone a mixtape
46. Get published
47. Learn a third language
48. Become a blood donor
49. Camp out in a music festival
50. Kiss in a photobooth
51. Raise tiny humans
52. Be taken by surprise
53. Marry the man I love
54. Witness something extraordinary

* - not in particular order
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  1. The more I read your blog, especially this post, the more I realize how similar we are. It's scary lol