WTA#39 | Yellow

Monday, November 21, 2011

I've actually taken this picture for the purpose of WTA but an Anon in Tumblr asked for a picture of my favorite spot in my room sooooo I posted this (forgot to post it here after, sarreh). This seems familiar because I already uploaded a couple from this spot before, heh. It's my favorite because not only is the light alright (the only window in my room is beside it), but it houses my books, my snitch, my Beatles alarm clock that I rarely use, and my new roommate - a goldfish named Jack that you'll meet soon. I'm rambling.

Anyway, welcome Nova, and Carlo who has just recently joined WTA. :) I've been gushing to Phillip how this project has grown and how it's exciting it has been to have these guys do this with us. I couldn't ask for better classmates. :)

Click for DengIanAldousTina, and Phillip’s WTA.

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