I have fallen in love with photography, again

Saturday, January 07, 2012

‎"The whole thrust in my life right now is spinning my assignments around and making them work in a more personal way (...) I wanted to go back and do the original thing: one camera, one lens, one film. You really have to put yourself in a position of danger to be creative."
-David Alan Harvey

In my case, one camera, 2 lenses, and one film. I am getting familiar with emotions that I haven't encountered with photography in a while. I even think I have fallen in love with it, albeit in a different light, all over again.


  1. Seems to me like "love is sweeter the second time around." These are just beautiful, Des. And shooting with film—that must be quite the experience. I can imagine the surprise of not knowing how the photos have turned out until after they've been properly developed.

  2. It actually is, Lance. There is a certain something that I can't quite point my finger at. It also seems like I'm learning for the first time.

    Thank you. :)