Begin again

Monday, February 02, 2015

Not meaning to sound like a Taylor Swift record but this really is me starting all over again. I have never stopped taking pictures but I have deferred talking to myself again through blog posts. I also haven't written something in a long time. That's only partially true I guess, if one considers Facebook Status posts to be some kind of legit writing material. What I mean to really say, on top of it all, is that I want to start creating something again—something more than just a bunch of squares, anything more than 140 characters.

The past 2 years have been a whirl. In the in betweens, I have taken pictures with my film cameras, with my instant camera, with my smartphone and I have been sort of ok with them—only realizing now that I don't think I have paused long enough to actually personally appreciate them. After all, they were all personal, and as Chuck Palahniuk would say, everything is a self-portrait. Yes, I clicked the shutter. Yes, I maybe liked how some of them turned out. But it is only now—now that I have the luxury of time—that I realize that they really do have a story, they were moments, and I should be able to tell.

I took these pictures on New Year's Day: raindrops on our little porch, my mother's blooms after the rain—debating with myself if I wanted to start a Project 365. It might have taken a month to look at them again but they're here, and I guess it's a start.

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